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24/365 Monitoring Center

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Our Electronic Monitoring Center is staffed 24/365 and is tasked with monitoring compliance for GPS supervision, breathalyzer testing, and client video check-ins.


Our system allows a client's monitoring profile to be shared remotely with their Case Manager in real time to effectively respond violations or issues.

GPS Tracking and Accountability Band (TAB) 

The TAB is designed to look like a fitness tracker and removes the stigma associated with ankle-bracelet monitoring units. The TAB comfortably locks to the  wrist, syncs with any smartphone via Bluetooth technology, and a downloadable app utilizes cellular GPS for its tracking feature. Any interruption to these three components immediately sends an alert to the monitoring center. 


Portable Breathalyzer


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Our portable breathalyzer is smaller than a deck of cards and uses offers the highest level of accuracy and consistency.​ The device connects to the client's smartphone via Bluetooth and our app uses facial recognition biometrics to verify the tester's ID and video to document the testThis device easily coordinates with the TAB GPS wristband to provide a higher level of supervision. 

Drug Screen-2.jpg

Court Admissible 10 Panel Drug Screen


Our court admissible 10 panel oral drug screen provides results and laboratory confirmation within 48 hours. Further, this method is an excellent alternative to embarrassing urine tests and complicated blood draws. A one-step buccal swab takes approximately 7-10 minutes to complete and can be conducted at any one of our four (4) regional testing sites in the Fox Valley.

Forensic Fuids Lab

All Supervision Tools


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TAB wristband shown with portable breathalyzer and smartphone app

All of our electronic monitoring products connect to the client's smartphone via Bluetooth and utilize our app to transmit data to the Electronic Monitoring Center. Facial recognition biometrics and video verify client compliance. For indigent clients, we can provide a smartphone with limited functions to only operate our products.

GPS Tracking
Biometric Print
Bluetooth App

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