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Lawrence Nikodem, CSAC, CAMS-II

Lawrence has been a clinician in the profession of human services for over 35 years. He has  provided  clinical AODA services to various school district and clinical services to numerous law enforcement agencies related to crisis interventions and post trauma debriefing services. 


Lawrence continues to consult for numerous agencies in the Fox Valley including Department of Community Corrections, New Community Shelter, Door County Circuit Court, and The Department of Transportation.


Lawrence's focus areas are AODA and Anger Management assessments with an emphasis on long term counseling to these specific populations. 


Carrie Nitz, SAC

Carrie worked for 15 years with the Wisconsin Probation and Parole system. Carrie was instrumental in establishing the Drug Court programs in Winnebago, Fond du Lac, and Green Lake Counties. Carrie will complete her master's degree in summer 2020.


Carrie's focus areas are treatment modalities to include alcohol/drug related therapy, trauma therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and moral reconation/ cognitive behavioral therapy.


Owner Paul Hyland, MS

Paul has a diverse law enforcement background spanning 20 years that includes working as juvenile "boot camp" drill instructor, police officer, corrections lieutenant, and probation/parole agent.


Paul's focus areas are conducting polygraph exams, actuarial assessments, and is certified for the Violence Risk Appraisal Guide – Revised, Static 99-R, Ohio Risk Assessment System, Level of Service/Case Management Inventory, and Public Safety Assessment.

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