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Public Safety Assessment 

The Public Safety Assessment™ (PSA) assists judges in gauging the risk a defendant poses. The PSA uses evidence based, non-demographic (behavior based) information to predict the likelihood that a defendant will commit a new crime if released before trial. Further, the PSA predicts the likelihood a defendant will fail to return for a future court hearing and flags those defendants who present an elevated risk of committing a violent crime.

Our PSA Court Report has three components:

1) The client chooses Justice Support Solutions as their pre-trial monitoring provider at the initial hearing. An Agent meets with the incarcerated client and completes the PSA. The the client is interviewed regarding proposed residence(s), employment/ school upon release, family support, and criminal history. 

2) The Agent will conduct an in person "home visit" for all proposed residences to verify appropriateness and identify any area concerns. A Crime Information Bureau (CIB) report is ordered (with consent) for all adult members of any proposed residence and included as an attachment to the report for the court's consideration.

3) The PSA, "home visit" observations, and other pertinent information are compiled along with a Community Supervision Level (Minimum, Medium, High) recommendation should bail/bond be granted by the court. 

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